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Online Examination System

by MH RISHAD - 21 Oct 2018

Online exam system helps to solve a various problems which rising based on paper exam in educational institution, organizations and other training center as well. On-line Exam System is very useful for organizations easily prepare an exam which saves the time and wastage of resource to take the exam. And also it will help the Institute to testing of examinees and develop their skills. This system solves a various problems mainly targeted to cheating which attempted by the examinees, in the newly developed system examinees can’t exchange their exams as they are doing in the paper exam and the exam question is highly coded as well as shuffled every time.


The main intention of this project is to develop an online examination system with suitable features and resolve lack of ambiguities. The system allows creating a test from the question bank of the system and conducting Academic and Non-Academic examinations in different languages.


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