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Hospital Management System is online management system which is used to management the hospital, I am explaining various functionality of hospital management system. You can check.
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Hospitals play a major role in a human's life. There is no human on earth that is not going to be suffering some sort of sickness. 

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It is a very harsh but truth of the life. Nothing is perfect on this earth so does a human. Hospitals provide the best medical facility to the people who are not well.

It may be due to some sort of stress, changes in climates, work-overload (this is one of the major issue who work in corporate world) or someone might hurt himself / herself. 


There are several other reasons that a person needs medical assistance. And, to provide best medical assistance, the management of the hospital must be disciplined, well-versed in its service providing techniques.

They should be able to keep track of the records of the doctors, patients, nurses, and other hospital staffs. But if these records are maintained on the paper, it will not be a cup of tea that can be sipped without burning the lips.

It is not very efficient, is not reliable and is very time consuming process. In today’s highly technological era, it is not feasible not by also technically but also economically.

So, I thought of making an automated system for keeping the tracks of all the activities and maintaining their records.

It is called “Hospital Management System”. My main aim is to minimize the paperwork of the hospital as minimum as possible, if not completely. 



Now let me introduced to the fact, why you should go for it. The following points will glorify the beauty of it.



  • Computerization - All the details regarding hospitals, whether it is small or big, will be computerised. 
  • Automated inventory – If the medicines are provided to the patients, the stock will be reduced in the inventory, and will help in to know the status the available medicines. 
  • No redundancy - For every test that is conducted of the patients, an automated report will be generated and will be available to the patients and his / her concerned doctor uniformly. 
  • Keep the Records – It will be easier task for the management to keep the record of the patients for historical purpose. 
  • Appointment – It will be easier for both the doctors and the patients to have the appointments. It is just two clicks away. 

How do you feel now? You should go for it or need some more cents. Confused? Do not bother; I will add my $0.02 to fascinate you. Let me list you more key features for this project.


Key Features


  • Multi user account system
  • Monitoring the whole hospital system 
  • Management of all type of users’ account 
  • Notice Board 
  • Appointment Management 
  • View Appointments 
  • Notifications 
  • Medical History 
  • Invoice Management 
  • Medical Report Management 
  • Internal Communication 
  • Responsive User Interfaces

How does it sound now? I know your eyes will be shining like a star in the sky at night. Now, allow me to explain the whole project and the modules involved in it.


There are eight types of users involved in a hospital management system. 

  • Admin 
  • Doctor 
  • Patient 
  • Nurse 
  • Receptionist 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Accountant 
  • Laboratorist

Each of the above plays an important role in hospital management system.

If a single of them does not function properly, the management will not be successful.




  • It is the most powerful user of the system. 
  • There will be only one admin into the system. 
  • The admin can create and manage all other 7 user accounts. He / she can delete any account according to need. 
  • The admin can monitor all the activities of the hospital. Whatever is going on into the hospital, will be available in the admin panel. 
  • If other violates the codes of the hospital, he can take immediate actions and can charge that user.

Before discussing about other 7 modules, let me tell you some common features, which will be involved into these modules and their functionalities will be same across all of the seven modules.



Every single type of user except admin will go through initial phase i.e. registration in order to start with the system.

The registration process will not be exactly same for all type of users. The following are the common requirement fields:

  • Name – The user will be asked to enter his / her full name. 
  • Password – It is the key field which will help the user to have secure account in the system. 
  • Contact No. – The concerned user should also provide his personal mobile number or residence contact number so that he / she can be contacted at the time of need. 
  • Email ID – Now, email address has become for the for the communication purpose, verifying the users involved in the system. It helps in making the authenticated system.



When the user enters all above details in the valid form, he / she should read the terms and conditions, and policy.

If he / she is satisfied with all the statements stated in those terms and conditions, policy page, he / she should tick the checkbox. 

When this registration process is completed successfully, a mail will be sent to the email address for the verification purpose.

The user will have to follow simple order of instructions. After completion of these steps, a unique id will be generated and given to the concerned user, which will be mainly used later on as patient ID, doctor ID, accountant ID, nurse ID etc.



This is also the main common feature of the hospital management system.

Every type of user will have to enter his / her unique id as login id, which was given to her / him after completing the email verification, and the password. If both login id and password are matched with the credential stored into the system, the user will be granted to access into the system. 

For every type of user there will be different view and different privileges of the system.




Forgetting is a human nature. None can deny this fact. There might be possible that a user is trying to access the system after a long period of time, and he or she may forget his / her registered login id or password or both of them. I have taken the users’ that concern too into the account so that it is smoother for him / her to recover the login id or password according to need.

  • Via Email - The users just have to enter their respective valid registered email ids into the field. An immediate email will be sent to their respective email ids with some set of instructions to recover the login id and password. 
  • Via Mobile – In order to recover the password and login id, the user just have enter the registered email id and registered mobile number (both). A 6-digit PIN combination will be sent to the respective mobile number and that PIN must be entered into the appropriate field. If it matches with the generated PIN number, the user will be able to recover login id and password. 


Security plays a vital role into any system. Suppose, someone knows the login id and password combination, that would be a threat.

That burglar may misuse the system, steal the private information etc. So, if any user suspects his / her login credentials are compromised, that user must change his / her password immediately.


Edit Profile


It is another common feature of this management system. It is not possible to ask all the important information from the user at the time of registration.


This would make the difficult time for the user who is trying to create the account for the first time into the system.

So, a user can enter his / her personal information anytime they want. One of them is address. It is mandatory for some future communications. 


It consists of the apartment number, area name, street name, city name, zip code, country name etc. The following are some additional information that needs to be updated:

  • Date of Birth 
  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Height and Weight – (For patients) 
  • Profile Photo – The user must upload his / her profile photo after first login. 
  • Designation – (For Hospital staffs)

And, the users can update any of these fields or their contact numbers any time they want.

Now, I have detailed all the common features for seven modules. Let us get into the other different features of each module.



Receptionist will be the user that will keep tabs of the appointments. This user will maintain the time table of each doctor. This time table of each doctor will be available to the patients.

The other task the receptionist can do is, filtering the appointments based on doctors and time periods so that it is easy to access the appointment record.



Accountant is the user who deals with financial transactions of the hospitals. All the payment information and invoices will be managed by the accountant. 


All the medicines and their information in the hospital are managed by the pharmacists. He / she can view which medicines are in the stocks and which are to be needed.

He / she can filter the medicines based on date i.e. expired date so that it is easier to know which medicines are going to expire so that those can be arranged at the hour of the need.

When the patient provides the prescription to the pharmacist, the pharmacist can provide the appropriate medications to the concerned patient.



This is the user why hospital management system is introduced. Neither any person will get sick nor will we need a hospital. But you and I both know, this is next to impossible.

A patient can make an appointment with the available doctors. The time table will be shown which is directed by receptionist. When the doctor approves the appointment, the patient will be notified via the sms. 

The patient can view the doctor’s report about his / her appointment and his / her prescription details. Thus the patient can clearly know what has happened to him / her and how she or he should take care of herself or himself.

If there are some serious health issues and the patient is needed to be admitted into the hospital, the bed would be allotted to him or her. The patient can view the information about the allotted bed. 

The patient can also have private message session with the doctors.



Nurse is an assistant of the doctor. The nurse is helps the doctors in performing the operations. She takes the diagnostic report and provide to the doctor.




Whenever a patient is asked by doctor to have some tests, so that the doctor can prescribe some medications according the test result, the patient goes to the lab. 


There lab assistant diagnoses some tests and generate the reports. This report further is handed over to the nurse’s account.



Doctor is the user who will help the patients with their physical health. The doctor will be able to approve the appointments whether he or she wants to take it or not. 

If the doctor wants, he or she can cancel the appointments. The concerned patient will be notified via sms.

The doctor can view the medication history of the patients. The doctor can provide prescriptions to the patients.

The doctor will be able to have private conversation with the patients. There might be chance when the patient needs medical assistance at home or anywhere but hospital. So, I will provide the private message room for the doctor and patient.

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23rd Apr 2020 @ 12:33 PM

Kailey Hinz

Nice explanation about the hospital management system. I really appreciate this post, Thanks for sharing such a great information.

23rd Apr 2020 @ 12:33 PM

Kailey Hinz

Nice explanation about the hospital management system. I really appreciate this post, Thanks for sharing such a great information.

23rd Apr 2020 @ 12:33 PM

Kailey Hinz

Nice explanation about the hospital management system. I really appreciate this post, Thanks for sharing such a great information.

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