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The 4 most powerful thing is, is Watts using my computer?

by MH RISHAD - 12 Jun 2022

We work with them on almost every important task including school, shopping, watching movies, gaming, video and photo editing.

At times, anyone may ask themselves how much power these capable machines use and how much it costs to operate them.

1. Local Cooling

Local Cooling A free utility that can estimate the power consumption of the main components of a computer.

After you download and install the app, click the Settings button and go to the My Power tab.


2. Power Supply Calculator

The Power Supply Calculator A great online tool for estimating your power budget for free.

It does not calculate the power consumption of your system in real-time, but it allows you to choose the PC component brands and their models, so that you can get the ballpark image.


3. OuterVision


The OuterVision Calculator is a very detailed tool that even PC hardware and power supply manufacturers use.

This basic calculator allows a quick estimate of the computer's power draw.

You should know the details about the components of your computer.

You write the model of the monitor, optical drive, storage, graphics card, RAM, CPU and motherboard.


4. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor. One of the most popular and lightweight applications for calculating computer power consumption

Once you have it installed, it collects data from the monitor's voltage, temperature sensor, fan speed, load and clock speed, and other parts and offers you real-time power draw readout.


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