Remove/Uninstall Lampp from Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)
19 Nov-2022

Fully uninstall or remove the XAMPP/LAMPP server from your system. Let's do following 2 steps.

Open the terminal and run this 2 steps 

  1. sudo /opt/lampp/uninstall  /// uninstall the server
  2.  sudo rm -r /opt/lampp       /// for remove the folder



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The 4 most powerful thing is, is Watts using my computer?
News 12 Jun-2022

We work with them on almost every important task including school, shopping, watching movies, gaming, video and photo editing.

At times, anyone may ask themselves how much power these capable machines use and how much it costs to operate them.

1. Local Cooling

Local Cooling A free utility that can estimate the power consumption of the main components of a computer.

After you download and install the app, click the Settings button and go to the My Power tab.


2. Power Supply Calculator

The Power Supply Calculator A great online tool for estimating your power budget for free.

It does not calculate the power consumption of your system in real-time, but it allows you to choose the PC component brands and their models, so that you can get the ballpark image.


3. OuterVision


The OuterVision Calculator is a very detailed tool that even PC hardware and power supply manufacturers use.

This basic calculator allows a quick estimate of the computer's power draw.

You should know the details about the components of your computer.

You write the model of the monitor, optical drive, storage, graphics card, RAM, CPU and motherboard.


4. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor. One of the most popular and lightweight applications for calculating computer power consumption

Once you have it installed, it collects data from the monitor's voltage, temperature sensor, fan speed, load and clock speed, and other parts and offers you real-time power draw readout.


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Google Investment in Africa

Tech monster Google has declared that it'll construct it’s to begin with item improvement middle in Africa in Kenya's capital, Nairobi In 2018 the company reported a $1bn (£770m) venture arrange for Africa to capitalize on the developing number of web clients on the continent.


“By 2030, Africa will have 800 million web users… and Google is committed to quickening Africa’s computerized change through empowering human capital,” said Nitin Gajria, Overseeing Executive for Google in Africa.

Earlier this year, installments innovation firm Visa and computer program mammoth Microsoft moreover opened development centers in Nairobi. The centers will see work openings for program engineers, analysts and originators.

Think before Buy an AC !

To find out what will be an appropriate size of the AC for your room, use an AC size calculator app. These apps consider all the necessary factors such as area of your room, number of users, number of windows and doors and weather history to recommend the right fit.

Watch the warranty : 

Ask the retailer about the warranty for the brand and model you’re considering buying. Also check the manufacturer’s website.

Install it properly

To get the most from your AC, install it on a cooler side of your room which does not see as much direct sunlight. Don’t put any heat-generating devices such as a TV or a lamp near the AC. Also, make sure the location is easily accessible for quick and convenient maintenance. 

Save energy and keep electricity bill low

Every time you leave the room switch off the AC. 

Use a smart and programmable thermostat. It is very energy-efficient. It allows you to programme what hours your home will be vacant and when you will be asleep. During those times, it will adjust the temperature of your home accordingly.

Use ceiling fan

Run your AC and ceiling fan together as the latter uses less electricity and helps your AC unit function more efficiently. Ceiling fans circulate cool air all throughout the room, and that means your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to pump cool air into the room.

Regular maintenance of filter

To maintain your AC’s cooling efficiency and overall performance, routinely replace or clean filters. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce an AC’s efficiency significantly.

Clean the dirty air filter with a soft brush under running water. You may also rinse the dirty filter with normal detergent to remove dirt of high quantity. After washing it, make sure the filter is dried under a shaded area. Clean the air filter once every two weeks to maintain the cooling performance.

Clean condenser

Condenser is the heart of an AC. Always keep it clean to avoid dust and debris clogging up the air vents. You can just use a soft-bristled brush to clean it gently or blower to blow the dust and debris off.

Leakage proof ventilation

Leakages in our home ventilation should be checked regularly. If the ventilation system is sealed properly, AC can cool the rooms easily by consuming less electricity.

Hiring a professional

When your AC needs more than regular maintenance, hire a professional technician.

Preparing for off season

During the winter, either cover your AC or remove and store it. It will protect the unit from dust and debris. 

*** Before working on an AC, always completely turn off the power to the unit.


CCNA2 Chapter 3 : Network Protocols and Communications
Course - 05 Jun-2022

Chapter 3 : Network Protocols and Communications

3.1  Rules of Communication

3.2  Network Protocols and Standards

3.3  Moving Data in the Network

3.4  Summary



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Chapter 4 will be soon